Stuart Calver

Stuart entered the business straight from school in 1967 with Armfields Transport Agency in Felixstowe as a General Shipping Clerk. Armsfields provided a good training ground for Stuart, as it offered a broad based education in Shipping, Forwarding and Customs Procedures that was to become invaluable later in his career.

In 1979 in partnership with a colleague, Stuart set up an office in Felixstowe of Nippress Forwarding, which in conjunction with offices in Hull and Rotterdam successfully operated trailer services throughout the 1980’s between the UK and the Continent.  Nippress Forwarding was eventually sold to Hogg Robinson and Stuart continued to manage the Felixstowe operations of the enlarged company now including Continental Cargo Carriers, and known as Nippress Continental. 

Stuart left the company in 2000, and together with Phil Saberton set up the Felixstowe Office of  Cool Solutions, another trailer operator specialising in trailer services between the UK and the Continent.

In 2009 Stuart and Phil, together with the support of Nigel Griggs and Hayley Griggs, set up Bakro International Transports’ office In Felixstowe to develop the companys’ trailer operations. Stuart is now the Managing Director of Bakro International Transport and with his co-directors is committed to the continued success of the company.