Phil Saberton

Phil entered the business straight from school in 1988 with Allport Freight as a Customs Clerk, dealing with import and export customs procedures.

In 1989, Phil joined Nippress Forwarding as an Import Clerk, but rapidly progressed to managing the companys’ Customer Service Operations. When Nippress Forwarding and Continental Cargo Carriers merged into a single operation, Phil was charged with the responsibility for the companys’ Customer Service Operations, and successfully developed its client base to cater for the increased number of movements of the enlarged operation.

Phil left Nippress Continental in 2000 to set up Cool Solutions’ Felixstowe Office with Stuart Calver, and in 2009 with Stuart Calver, Nigel Griggs and Hayley Griggs started Bakro International Transports’ trailer operations in Felixstowe. Phil is now a Director of Bakro International Transport and heads up the Ferry Forwarding Operation at Felixstowe.