Kieran Ward

Leaving school at 15, Kieran entered the business in 1971 as a junior in the Short Sea Department of Wm H Muller Ltd, a well-known Dutch shipping company. This gave him a solid base from which to learn the shipping trade and after a couple of years transferred onto the French Section handling road groupage.

In 1974 Kieran moved to All Transport/ RL International, initially working on their Road Groupage Division but wanting to expand his knowledge moved onto their Deep-sea and Airfreight Divisions. The late 1970s saw Kieran move to UKON Trucking; a direct trucking company there he was responsible for both groupage and full load deliveries to and from Benelux, Italy and Germany.

Advancing into the 1980s and equipped with a wealth of experience including all matters relating to drivers’ regulations and financial aspects of the business, Kieran joined Enterprise Forwarding as their Export Manager and later moved onto Imports as their Import Manager.

In 1993 Kieran joined Bakro International Transport Ltd, and was responsible for the Ferry Freight Division. In 1996, with a sound knowledge of the companys’ customer base he moved on to take over the Sales and Development area of the business, where he successfully obtained several large customers greatly increasing the companys revenue. He became a director of Bakro International Transport Ltd in 1998, and is currently the Sales and Development Director.